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Essay on Psychology Last Updated: February 13, 2017 (about 1 month ago)

A psychology essay is a formal piece of essay writing with the purpose of showing your critical thinking abilities and experiences you have acquired at psychology classes.

As any other type of essay, essays on psychology presupposes a strict structure: introduction, main body and conclusion. Though, psychology essays tend to start with an abstract. It gives the reader the general idea of the paper, acquaints with the subject under analysis, states the main problem.

Then comes introduction. It consists of a catch statement (its task is to grasp the reader’s attention) and a thesis statement (it outlines the major points if your work). In the introduction you may also give definitions to some terms and explain some notions if required.

The main body of a psychology essay consists of several paragraphs each having a topic sentence and arguments supporting it. This is in this section that you present the results of your research work. Note that all material that you have studied is to be referenced in a proper way, according to your professor’s preferences.

Psychology essays can’t be successful without a strong conclusion. Here you remind the reader the most prominent points of essay on psychology, and summarize your ideas by one clear statement, supporting your thesis statement.

If it is up to you to decide what problem to study in your psychology essay we present here some possible essay topics for you to investigate:

  • common disorders; depression, stress and suicide; psychological theories and authors; sensation and perception.

Each of them includes a large amount of questions to answer. Only your hard work will give clues to all crypts psychology may hold in its store.

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